Notarizations and Declarations

Notarizations and Declarations

I will notarize your signature on a variety of documents. If you do not see what you need in the list below, give me a call and we can discuss your needs. My authority to notarize or witness your signature on documents comes from the Notaries Act and the Evidence Act of BC.

Adding my signature and notarial seal to your document is a statement by me that you appeared in front of me, voluntarily signed the document, that I verified your identity by obtaining the appropriate identification from you, and that I asked you the necessary questions to ensure that you understand what you are signing.

An affidavit is a statement of facts made in writing, which is confirmed by the oath or affirmation of the person making it before someone who has the authority to administer an oath or affirmation, such as a Notary Public. I will witness your signature on your Affidavit. Note that an additional fee will be charged if my office must prepare the Affidavit.

A statutory declaration is much like an Affidavit and is a statement of facts made in writing. The statement is verified by the solemn declaration of the person making the statement and I will witness your signature on your Statutory Declaration. Statutory declarations may be required pursuant to various statutes. The form of a statutory declaration is mandated by the Canada Evidence Act and the British Columbia Evidence Act. Note that an additional fee will be charged if my office must prepare the Declaration.

Border authorities may require that your children have with them a letter of consent to travel to a country outside of Canada or re-entering Canada if the children are not accompanied by both parents or their legal guardian. You may download the recommended form of consent letter here. Complete the form and bring it to my office and I will witness your signature on the document.


The original documents to be certified must be brought into my office as I must see the original. I will make a copy of the original and certify that copy.

Please note that a certified copy of a document that is to be used in a country other than Canada may need to be Authenticated before using in the foreign country.

Documents that are to be used in a country other than Canada must be legalized for use in the foreign country. Legalization of the document requires that it first be authenticated.

“Authentication” is a method of notarization of documents that allows foreign courts and authorities to rely on the genuineness of documents executed in Canada. Authentication in British Columbia is undertaken by both the Society of Notaries Public and the Attorney General’s office. The authentication procedure depends entirely on the recipient foreign country’s rules; and as such, advice should be sought from that country’s Embassy or Consulate<.

Authentication is the process of verifying the membership and standing of a Notary Public as well as the Notary’s seal and signature. When a request is made, the Society of Notaries Public of British Columbia checks its records to confirm the Notary’s membership and standing and compares the notarial seal and signature on the document being submitted against its membership records. After the Notary’s membership, signature and seal are confirmed, the Society of Notaries Public of British Columbia will issue a Certificate of Authenticity, which will be attached to the document requiring an authentication.

If further assurance is necessary for the receiving country, the document and the Certificate will be sent to the B.C. Attorney General’s office for verification of the signature of the Secretary or Acting Secretary of the Society. Once the process is complete, nothing may be added to or removed from the document.

After authentication, “legalization” occurs when the document is presented to the Consulate of the relevant foreign country for certification. At that point, the document normally acquires legal validity for the intended country of use.

Please call me for your authentication needs.



I will notarize your letter of invitation. Please ensure that the required information as set out by the Government of Canada is included within your letter.

The Custodian Declaration (Custodian for Minors Studying in Canada) form can be downloaded from the Government of Canada - Immigration and Citizenship website. Bring the completed form into my office and I will act as the witness to your signature(s).

Independent Legal Advice is the advice given by a notary or lawyer to a person who is a party to a contract. A notary or lawyer can only offer legal advice to one of the parties to a contract, therefore the party that may not have their own notary or lawyer should seek out legal advice from a legal professional.

If you need advice regarding a contract (real estate or otherwise), please contact me. I will review the agreement with you, ensure that you understand the agreement, and inform you of your rights and obligations as a result of the agreement.