Subdivisions and Stratas

We love helping with the subdivision or stratafying of your property. My staff and I have 42 years of experience working at the Land Title Office, and in those years, we have processed countless applications of all levels of complexity.

Once you have hired a surveyor and received the go ahead from the City and your lender, give me a call and we can discuss the details. From there, we will work together to make further arrangements with your lender, the City, and other governmental bodies for the necessary approvals. Our office will ensure that all documents will meet all legal requirements and be fully registered at the Land Title Office.

Consolidation of Parcels of Land

My office can assist you in consolididating adjacent parcels of land that you own.

More often than not, this is a very simple process that only requires you and your lender to sign the appropriate documents which I will prepare. This simple process is only available for those parcels of land that were originally subdivided at the same time, are adjacent to each other, and the lot boundaries have not been changed since subdivision. I will do the research to determine if this process is available to you.

In cases where the above requirements are not met, legislation requires that the parcels of land be surveyed by a BC Land Surveyor. I can help you choose a surveyor and work with you, the surveyor, and your lender in the consolidation process.

The above two consolidation methods do not require any approval from the City. In situations where these two methods do not meet the legal requirements, we can discuss what will be needed to obtain the results you need.